Born in Hungary in Pécs 1982. Balázs graduated as a sculptor at University of Pécs Faculty of Arts. He lights on the concrete material meanwhile at university years. His the biggest part of artworks made from concrete. In 2011 Balázs win the 1st. prize of Technical Innovation Application of University of Technology of Budapest with Balázs R. Nagy technical student. Project name was the “Double-curved concrete shutter systems in art and architecture” And than in 2015 Balázs win the 1st. prize of Academy of Fine Arts and Crafts Association on the National Statuette Quadrennial.  Balázs gets one of the most outstanding award, Gyula Derkovits scholarship for three years. He features on XX. Bienal de Arte de Cerveira in Portugal in 2018 and V. London Art Biennale in 2021.

Balázs establishes the first national Concrete statue symposium in Szigetmonostor in 2016 that works ever since. Balázs nowadays experiments of the colors in his concrete art and he researches the contacts of colors and shapes and the new 3D printed shapes and traditional art between. Balázs’s statues at the same time sensual and robust.